Talent Needed

Special talents needed include: program management; website developers; experts in social media; writers, editors and readers for the Discover Rio Vista magazine; craftsmen talented in woodworking,electrical engineering, plumbing etc; administrative talents; gardening expertise; management skills; grant writing abilities; almost any kind of skill or talent that would add to the already very progressive nature of a not for profit organization with the mission of “”energizing, revitalizing and beautifying the Rio Vista Community.”

Having a special talent is wonderful but a willingness to help in any way, if it just be talking to people about Rio Vision, looking for sponsors or donating your time on special projects is of great value. On the Volunteer Form are many options for you to peruse and choose those in line with your interests. Every little bit helps and we appreciate your time and talents. If you have any questions please call Kathy Hill, Volunteer Coordinator at 717-515-6928 or 707-360-5244 and leave a message for Kathy. Or you can email info@riovistavision.com for more information. Please check out the Volunteer Form and if interested in helping Rio Vision, fill it out and return as directed on the form. Thank you for your commitment to Rio Vision’s mission and we look forward to meeting you.

Volunteer Form

Volunteers 2017 Thank You!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (“The Summer Day”, poet Mary Oliver).  As the year turns and we think back on 2017 and ahead into the new year, many of us will be asking ourselves this question and to what we want to commit in 2018.  Some of us may be feeling “I’d like to give back more”, “I want to become more a part of my community” or “How can I put this talent or skill to work?”  If this sounds familiar, you may just want to have a chat with the new RioVision Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Hill.


Although raised in the Bay Area, Kathy came to Rio Vista after 30+ years of country living in the Northeast.  She came to our town for affordable housing in a more rural area, close to her daughter and grandchild in the East Bay.  Her musician son travels back and forth between Spain, Louisiana, and California.  She is retired from careers in teaching, pediatric nursing, and as a school nurse with credentials in Education, Art, Nursing, and Teaching.  She is also a certified Master Gardener which she put to use helping children learn about healthy eating through a school garden program.  

For Kathy, volunteering has been a way of life since she was small;  “it’s just part of me; I enjoy giving back”, she says.  Modeling her mother’s volunteer activities at an early age, Kathy grew up volunteering.  Her adult children volunteer.  She tutored special needs kids and worked with the Children’s Health Council in Palo Alto.  She also learned how to organize, train, and reward volunteers including 7 years as a liaison with the Girl Scouts and co-creating a program and curriculum for an elementary school garden program, among many others.  After volunteering for a program in Benecia, RioVision’s Riverview Middle School Garden project peaked her interest.  She was soon recruited by RioVision leaders for other projects such as coordinating the vendors with Tom Surh for 2017 Hog August Bites.  She has enjoyed the folks she works with and supports the R/UDAT report recommendations from which RioVision drew its mission.  Late last year, she agreed to take on the role as our Volunteer Coordinator.


Kathy is filled with ideas and has a vision for community involvement in the goals, projects, and programs of RioVision.  In addition to getting closer to RioVision’s Board and understanding the particular support they need, Kathy is committed to broadening and refining communication and visibility into the specific volunteer roles available within RioVision projects.  She plans to add more consistency and structure for working with a volunteer base.  She welcomes helping our community’s non-profits learn how to effectively present options for people to get involved with them.  Her many goals include grooming future project leaders and setting up simple, direct ways for people to approach her or project leaders with questions.  Her years of rich experience have filled her tool chest with valuable skills for connecting, organizing, and motivating people, and establishing instructions and procedures.    

She admits “I want a lot.  I have a plan.”